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Online > In Line

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Everyone’s favorite alternative to standing in line at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving is the shop from home option that’s been gaining popularity since 2005. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday continues to grow each year. Sales last Cyber Monday rose 16% and exceeded $3 billion. The rise of Cyber Monday shopping is great for both…


Snapchat Your Business

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Snapchat has already taken over the world. This fun temporary photo sending app has developed so much over the past years. At first, it was to just send photos and soon they introduced filters, stories, chat, and even geo-filters. Let’s just say that Snapchat has grown up since being released September 2011. If you are…

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Turn Stats into Strategy

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Everyday is a shopping day–according to Google data. More than half of shoppers shop on their smartphones while on the go, splitting their total online shopping time into micro chunks of time during their day. Understanding what customers do is the first step. Creating a strategy online and on social media based on that information…