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Everyone’s favorite alternative to standing in line at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving is the shop from home option that’s been gaining popularity since 2005. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday continues to grow each year. Sales last Cyber Monday rose 16% and exceeded $3 billion. The rise of Cyber Monday shopping is great for both consumers and businesses alike. Not only are deals worth standing in line for now available from home, but also, small and medium sized business that didn’t get the desired boost from Black Friday now have another way to get in on the early holiday retail action. While Cyber Monday deals may not get as much media coverage as the Black Friday chaos, it gives non brick-and-mortar businesses the chance to use hype-generating offers to drive traffic to their sites.

When it comes to promoting Cyber Monday offers on social channels, there are two ways businesses generate interest in upcoming deals. On one hand, some companies will announce exact prices and markdowns ahead of Cyber Monday in order to make comparing competing offers seem unnecessary. On the other hand, businesses also have the option of withholding the details of Cyber Monday offers in order to persuade consumers to at least visit the site and skim through the deals to make sure they’re not missing out. Regardless of which strategy is chosen, social media will play an integral role in building interest in potential Cyber Monday shoppers. Facebook ad campaigns should, at minimum, inform followers that a business will be participating. Instagram can be used to promote specific deals and showcase ideal gifting scenarios. It’s common to see daily tweets focused on the one “big deal” being offered that year.

Like it or not, this day shouldn’t be ignored. If a business uses e-commerce, even as a minor sales avenue, it’s important to remember that customers will be expecting Cyber Monday offers. These offers don’t need to be blowouts that will cost the company money. Some companies simply take an additional 10% off existing sales and advertise them as one day deals. Cyber Monday is also a great opportunity to dump clearance merchandise that hasn’t been selling. Consumers are already looking for high markdowns and will gravitate towards clearance deals more so than usual.

It’s important to know that while many shoppers use Cyber Monday to get a jumpstart on buying gifts, some consumers use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shop for themselves. Expect to see #treatyoself trend as retailers attempt to persuade consumers to make one extra purchase just for themselves. Remember to market the benefits of waiting out Black Friday for the convenience of Cyber Monday shopping. Finally, be mindful that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only the kick-off to the holiday retail season. There’s weeks before Christmas to reach out and connect with consumers.