Make Your Business Grow With Pokémon Go

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As of July 6, 2016 people have gone crazy over Pokémon Go. So many people have played Pokémon Go that it has surpassed Snapchat and Instagram in daily users and is tied with Twitter. It has brought many results from many people beginning to walk around collecting Pokémon to some people getting robbed. While there has been both bad and good about the game, it definitely has been changing the world of mobile games.

While Pokémon Go was first introduced in 2014 as an April Fools Joke from Google, however, looking back at it, the joke has grown into a worldwide phenomenon rather than a joke. It was first officially introduced at the 2016 Super Bowl and fans of the games only became anxious. However, the game has had its own repercussions from unfortunate muggings to accidents and injuries.

For regular people, Pokémon Go is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the good old days from when Pokémon was released over 20 years ago. For businesses, it has allowed for the owners to make the most of it and really gain traction to their own shop. For those who are not familiar with the game, it has different types of places, either a Poké Stop or a Pokémon Gym. If a business is lucky, their location can be either one of them, which is great for the bring new people through the door


So far, some places have been utilizing the game to promote themselves, by adding a Poké Lure at their Poké Stop, so that Pokémon will come to the place, and thus players will want to walk to their location and possibly just spend time there or even shop because of the stop.

For those who are near a gym, there are other ways to capitalize on your business such as actually keeping score of who has owned the gym longer and offering discounts to people who are part of that team as a reward, while making people on any team want to try to gain that discount. In additon, some places are offering giveaways for Pokémon badges for those who win against the gym thus doing more for the trainers.


Some business owners are even Poké players themselves and when you get to a certain level, you pick between three teams and the rivalry against others begin. Some places have poked fun at the rivalry and made their own rules about it.



There are some people who are taking advantage of the Poké craze and some people are starting to become personal drivers for those who wish to go to a Poké Stop/Gym or even just wishing to catch a certain Pokémon.

Whether you are a player, business owner, or someone else, Pokémon Go is a craze that is not going away anytime soon. Hopefully this information can help you realize some benefits from the game.