Content Development

Content is King on the Internet, and our thirst for good content never ceases. In order to build relationships and engage with a community, it is crucial to be sharing interesting quality content. Collaboration for content creation is extremely important and pulling together multiple sources will ensure greater reach.

Identifying proper content to post and share can be the single most difficult part of a successful social media presence. Our founder knows what people struggle with in their content strategies and we are hear to help.

Analytics and Strategy

Analytics and Strategy extend far beyond Social Networks. We look at site traffic, Google Trends, physical location statistics, impressions, reach, engagement, lead generation, conversion, language, and hashtags.

Understanding what metrics matter is key to a successful strategy and demonstrating the relevance of social channels and audience. Because Social media is constantly changing, it is important that strategies evolve too. Testing campaigns and promotion tactics helps to discover successful methods and keeps appearances fresh and dynamic.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the core function of our services. It is this task that we have focused on developing with the extensive experience of our founder. Together, we have managed dozens of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ profiles along with many Pinterest, LinkedIN, and Snapchat accounts.

Social Media Management includes posting, scheduling, publishing, listening, updating images and keeping track of passwords.